A Metaphorical/Symbolic Castle poem I wrote at 17

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A Metaphorical/Symbolic Castle poem I wrote at 17

Post by GrayFire » 18 Sep 2015, 17:55

I realize that as with many of my poems, this one also does not follow "Proper Form", but, I just write like I write. This particular one was not exactly something that I myself Chose the words for. Rather, it came from Something Else. The words and images were just there without having to try, and I wrote it with a strong feeling that I was Channeling/Receiving it from that Something Else. I realize that it likely comes across as a mostly "dark" and gloomy poem/story, but please keep in mind that it was written when I was 17. I am 41 now and my views and such have changed a lot since that younger age. Thanks to anyone who may read this. :hug:

Throughout all my Life there was a "Place" I had been warned about
I was told it was easy to get "Lost", for there were many "Forbidden Rooms"
Yet over Time my Curiousity no longer allowed me to stay out
So I set out to Explore what I knew could become my "Doom"

As I began walking down the "Road to my Long Awaited Destination"
The Sky grew Dark and the Wind grew Cold, Yet I moved along with no Hesitation
Suddenly I felt a "Hand" behind me with a "Gun" pressed into my back
I turned around to see the "Hand" belonged to Fate
The "Gun" then Fired at the Ground
And the Road behind me began to Crack
I realized that I could never Turn back Around
Even if I wanted to, it was now much too Late
All I could do was Continue down this Road perhaps I never should have Found

After much Travel I reached a "Strange looking Castle" and noticed Something seemed Wrong
The "Mote, the Drawbridge and the Guards" were all Gone
But then I Understood it did not matter because They did not Belong
No one could Enter this Place without my Permission, as it was Built for me alone

As I walked to the "Gate" I was Greeted by "Two Spirits"
The First One, Who looked very Strong introduced Itself as "Soul" and said "Welcome to the Dwelling of Your Mind"
"I will be pleased to be your Guide"
When the Smaller, Weaker One tried to Introduce Itself, "Soul" rudely Pushed It Aside
Acting as though It did not even Hear It
Then Led me off, leaving It Far Behind

The First Place that "Soul" Led me to was an "Endless Staircase that Flowed in Both Directions"
I stood in Awe, eager to Climb it with no Objections
"These are Emotions and on Each Step you will Hear a Song"
"Most people Choose to Climb Up, and They run as Fast as They can, seldom Taking a Moment to Stop"
"They never Stay on One Step for Long"
"They never seem to Realize that Often the Most Soothing Songs are Nowhere Near the Top"
"They Mix all the "Songs" Together, Desperately trying to Hear Them All"
"Never Understanding that the Harder and Faster They Run, the Harder and Farther They will Fall"

The Next Place "Soul" Led me to was a "Room with a Heavy Lock on the Door"
But just Before "Soul"could Unlock It, the "Small Weak Spirit" I had not Seen in a While came Crawling Slowly Across the Floor
"Please do not Go in There; If you Do, I will likely Die" It said Nearly Out of Breath
But "Soul" just Spit in Its' Eyes
And said "You Poor Weak Fool, You have been Crawling after Us all this Time
And now you are "Tired and very Near your Death"

"Soul" then Unlocked the Door and We Stepped Inside the "Room of Unrestricted Thoughts" where many "Strange and Fascinating Paintings" Surrounded Us on Every Side
"That Small Weak Spirit thinks these Paintings are Something We should Hide"
"But the Paintings in this Room will Forever Stand"
"For They were all Painted by "Destiny's Hand"

"Soul" then Led me through a "Dark Cave of Dreams" that was Crumbling Apart
Somewhere near the Middle We Reached the "Garden of the Heart"
Growing There were "Bizarre Flowers with Odd New and Pleasing Colors"
I was Confused and said to "Soul", "This is the "Most Breathtaking Garden" I could Ever Hope to See"
"After Seeing This One, I could Hope to See No Other"
"Yet It is "Hidden so Far from the Sun", how can this Be?"

Then "Soul" answered, "Such Rare Plants as These need Dark, Solitary Surroundings to Thrive"
"It is Impossible to "Transplant Them without Breaking Their Roots"
They would Never Survive"

"Now that you have Seen Everything, it is up to You if you Wish to Stay"
"But Understand that you will Never be Able to completely "Redecorate"
"You may "Rearrange" if you like, but you can Never "Throw Anything Away"

I Agreed and "Soul" Led me Back Through the "Gate"
I eagerly Followed "Soul" with no desire to wait

Once Back Inside the "Castle", I Opened my "Overstuffed Suitcase of Emotions" and began to "Unpack"
"By the way" I said to "Soul", "Who was That Weak Spirit you Left Dying in the Hall?"
"Oh That was merely "Will" and I Locked It in the "Cellar" with "Faith and Hope" and None of Them are Ever coming Back"
"And besides, I never "Paid Much Attention To Any of Them at All"
Though this is Our Funeral Pyre
We can walk right on through this Fire
Cleansed and New We'll reach that Distant Shore
Where We won't have to cry anymore
Don't fear this Fire's Flames
They will carry Us to the Place We know Our True Names...GrayFire


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