Ailavansha Druids

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Ailavansha Druids

Post by DavidLundman » 21 Sep 2015, 04:04

Greetings from Soma to planet Earth. I am an extraterrestrial human being. My people are the Ailavansha. I am from Soma. The Torah was originally written in Sanskrit and it is about the Ailavansha.

To translate from Hebrew into Sanskrit (the original language of the Torah) the vowels must be reattached to the base letters.

For example, the word for "God" in Genesis comes from the Hebrew word "ALHJM" which is mistranslated from Sanskrit. To translate from Hebrew back into Sanskrit then the vowels must be reattached to the base letters so "AL" may become "AiLa," "H" may become a silent "ḥ," and "JM" may become "JāMi" forming the word "AiLa ḥ JāMi" from "AL H JM."

JāMi means "related" and AiLa means the Ailas also called the Ailavansha or the Lunar Dynasty.

Similarly, the word for "Heaven" from Genesis is "SMJM" in Hebrew and when translated back into Sanskrit it may become "SoMa" plus "JāMi." "Soma" is the Sanskrit word for the "Moon."

Genesis may actually be speaking of the Lunar Dynasty coming from the Moon to the Earth. Genesis has nothing to do with "God" creating "Heaven" and Earth. The word for "God" is a mistranslation of the Sanskrit words for the "Lunar Dynasty" and the word for Heaven is a mistranslation of the Sanskrit word for the "Moon."

The Druidic Ceremonial Circle represents the polygonal room on Soma where I am from. At the center of that polygonal room is a white trumpet shaped table which resembles the trumpet shape of a Chinese Gu Vessel. That polygonal room on Soma is the physical location where the book of Genesis begins. And the Apotheosis of Washington also represents the Druidic Ceremonial Circle. On the left side of the entrance into that room is a throne which is represented as the High Seat of the Ancient One in the Circle and represented as the thone of Neptune in the Apotheosis. On the right side of the entrance into that room is the teleportation system which is represented as the Sword Bearer of the Circle and represented as Armed Freedom with an eagle and a sword in the Apotheosis. I stood in that room on Soma, I walked to that table, and then I walked around that table and around that room from where I looked out a view screen and saw the Earth below. In that room my body was converted into energy and my energy was teleported out across space and into the womb of my mother where my energy transitioned states into my newly forming body and thus I reincarnated on Earth. The true ceremony of the Druidic Ceremonial Circle is reincarnation which is represented by the Sanskrit Torah.

I need more information about the original Druidic Ceremonial Circle. I also need help locating and recovering the original Sanskrit Torah of my people the Ailavansha.



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