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*No Title*

Post by Taliesin2 »

The stream flows as gently as we
breathe. The wind gently touches our lips,
saying "I am here." The candle's flame
dances and grows brighter with each chant
of Awen.

the Awen fills us with energy as we
chant! The flame grows brighter for us all
to focus on. Gazing into the flame, it dances
a dervish for us.

With the wind licking the flame, it
dances. It calls us to dance with it, as
our chants of Awen echoes in our minds,
repeating endlessly. We dance in union
with each other as one being, one light in
the openness of an overcast sky.

The over cast sky that casts no
shadow, the damp air fills our lungs and
brings with it scents of nature. The
smell of pine sap lingers in the cloister
of evergreens.

The evergreens have dropped a
huge bounty of pine cones. Pine cones
to be decorated and handed out to our
friends and family.
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Re: *No Title*

Post by winterfire »

Mmm, lovely. A feast for the senses, it drew me right in. Thank you.
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