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Read this first!

Posted: 01 Mar 2018, 02:16
by Selene
Welcome to the OBOD Discussion Forums!

If you are newly registered on the forums, it probably doesn't look like much, but that will change once you're added to your appropriate OBOD grade forum. So the first thing to do is to send in your request using the online form at

The grade-specific password requested on the form can be found in the welcome email you received when you registered (or from the cover letter that came with your first packet of four gwersi, if you joined some time ago). If you no longer have the email with the magic word ( ;) ), enter Abred in the Grade-specific password field, and In the Comments field, enter a quote from a gwers as follows:
  • Bards: The first line of the first paragraph on the first white page of Bardic Gwers 3 (p. 55). Hint: it's a long sentence and the second word is "central." If you're doing the online version, quote the first complete sentence on this page: ... -the-bards
  • Ovates: The first line of the first paragraph of Ovate Gwers 1. If you have only the audio version, quote the first line of track 1 of the first CD.
  • Druids: The first line of the first paragraph of Druid Gwers 1.
Note: The quote is not necessary if you have the grade-specific password.

If you're doing the course in a language other than English, you may have been given a different password. If the form rejects your password, enter Abred, and in the Comments, enter the password you were given or a quote from your gwers as listed above.

I usually act on requests within a few days of receiving them; if you haven't received a welcome letter from me within ten days of requesting access, please write again. Sometimes emails do go astray.

I hope you enjoy participating in our forums!

Re: Read this first!

Posted: 14 Aug 2018, 19:37
by Selene
Bumping topic.

Re: Read this first!

Posted: 08 May 2021, 00:10
by Selene
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