Welcome to The Attic!

Herein are contained classic stories and other timeless threads penned by patrons of the Druid's Head Pub. To suggest additions, please contact the Moderator.
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Welcome to The Attic!

Post by Selene » 24 Sep 2004, 18:14

Welcome to The Attic, everyone! This dim and dusty loft contains the brightest treasures that have been left in the Druid's Head: the best of the best posts to appear in the Pub and other open forums will be eventually be moved to The Attic for safe keeping. There they will be protected from being pierced by wayward darts, used as beer coasters, or meeting the dread auto-pruner (the Pub's Grim Reaper of forgotten threads).

So what goes in here? You tell me!

The idea was that the Attic would be a place to store the good stuff that might otherwise get buried and lost. We've thought that the serial stories that appear from time to time in the Pub would be preserved here, but there are many other inactive threads that are also worthy of being showcased in a more accessible location.

I've grabbed a few that I remembered but haven't yet gone through all the piles of posts in all the corners. So if you'll help me out here, I'd greatly appreciate it. Just send me a PM with the subject line "Attic Suggestion" and I'll take it from there.

Since this is a read-only forum, we'll want to limit it to old threads that have pretty much run their course. But if something lands in here that people want to revisit, new threads on the same subject can always be started, and if we include a link to the old thread here the info can be referenced.

Thanks a bunch, folks.
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